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It is when they turn home that the circumstances have changed. This is one of the most annoying commercials ever constructed. “Until my son, Brendan, met Sara from Philly, got married…” While mom is filling us in on the first-born, Brendan, we see a shot of him at a bar in his Vikings gear (understandable) becoming smitten with a pretty Eagles fan — Sara — at the other end. moved to Cincy and had Bengal babies.” Let’s recap here.Yes, that may sound like hyperbole, but wait until we dive deeper into this thing. The matriarch of this family narrates the 30-second spot. She is standing on a barstool and yelling at the TV. Next thing we know they’re getting chased through the city streets (Philadelphia? We learn that the first-born son has moved out, married an Eagles fan and while at this point we think he’s still a Vikings fan, his kids are somehow Bengals fans because they live in Cincinnati.We snap back to the homestead where the commercial began.The kids have returned home to mom and dad to pose for another one of those family backyard portraits. She is wearing a Cowboys hat with her Vikings jersey. Just because you met Emmitt Smith and got a photo with him?(born as Emmitt James Smith in Pensacola, Florida) is a famous Athlete from USA, he is 48 years old and still alive, born May 15, 1969.

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It is a beautiful Norman Rockwell-esque shot of a family who all share a love for one another and the Minnesota Vikings. Brendan and Sara need to have more of an influence in their kids’ lives. “While my daughter Julie met Emmitt Smith and never let us forget it.” So we see Julie taking a selfie with Emmitt Smith (he wasn’t busy that’s why he’s in his commercial). Since that quarterback is a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers, he changes his allegiance from the Vikings to the Steelers.

As for the clueless advertising executive who wrote this commercial.