Updating thinkpad bios property brothers dating twins

11-Jul-2018 14:07

grub4dos is a GNU GRUB fork with interesting features.

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In case Lenovo does not provide your laptop with Bootable CD it is possible to create one from *discket packages. A third solution is to use QEMU with a DOS diskette image to run the disk extractor. If you open with a text editor, you would find some lines about UPDTROM.

Though this process has been successfully tested on many versions of files found on IBMs website, that doesn't mean it will work for all of them. Consult the testing tables farther down of this page to see other users' experience with your model Thinkpad. UPDTROM is the actual flash tool, but you can't simply run it just like that. Perhaps not all these lines are necessary, but to be sure I ran them all, and this worked for me. This could probably be done from the harddisk as well, but I did not test that.