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Check with your Approving Officer (AO) and/or Director of Information Management (DOIM) for rules regarding the use of new software. If you buy a component not provided by ACAS, and the ACAS office provides it later, turn off your subscription and convert the licenses over to the ACAS licenses.

All software sold by Tenable is sold using the subscription model.

Note: If you purchased Security Center, PVS, or Nessus directly from Tenable, then you are eligible to contact Tenable support.

For more information on support please contact support.

The ACAS suite provides three components of Tenable' Continuous View Suite: Security Center, Nessus, and Passive Vulnerability Scanner (PVS).

Security Center is the centralized management platform for all Tenable solutions. Nessus and PVS have Linux and Windows versions, but Tenable recommends running all ACAS components on Linux.

To achieve this goal, HP partnered with Tenable Network Security, a leader in Continuous Network Monitoring (CNM), advanced analytics, and vulnerability scanning and management to provide their solutions and tools to support the mission.

The ACAS tool is a follow-on capability to the Secure Configuration Compliance Validation Initiative (SCCVI) tool commonly referred to by the primary tool, "Retina." ACAS is mandated for Do D use by various US Cyber Command orders, including USCYBERCOM TASKORD 13-0670, 'Implementation of Assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS) for the Enterprise.' DISA OPORD 14-037 is an important reference for DISA systems.In addition to the above guidelines, please consider the following recommendations: * Factor 30% more CPU and memory for virtualized instances.