Signs you are dating someone with bipolar disorder

09-Oct-2017 16:15

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They may also believe things that seem irrational to other people (delusions).

These types of symptoms are known as psychosis or a psychotic episode.

Between episodes of depression and mania, you may sometimes have periods where you have a "normal" mood.

The patterns aren't always the same and some people may experience: If your mood swings last a long time but aren't severe enough to be classed as bipolar disorder, you may be diagnosed with cyclothymia (a mild form of bipolar disorder). A person with the condition may be unaware they're in the manic phase.

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It is said that bipolar patients consult at least 3-4 doctors and spend about eight years in treatment before they get a proper diagnosis and the right combination of drugs that can help them. Accept that you’ll have to find a new normal At the very outset, you need to acknowledge the fact that your partner is quite different from your exes, and usual relationship guidelines will not apply in your special case.

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