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We were curious to try a filter for the first time and this review relate our experience.

In a sentence, the Life Straw filters were the most underrated items in our luggage’s when we left for India.

Using the Life Straw, we forgot about all the issues that the common traveler would face when looking for water.

A great example of this was when we saw teams of travelers from the “Mongol Rallye” in Murghab, a remote village in Tajikistan.

First, be aware that in remote or poor countries, the quality of the water you find in nature might probably not be suitable for drinking.

You can try, of course, but you might deeply regret it.

The water from Life Straw is directly filtered, keeping its freshness.

Nothing is better than the feeling of drinking icy water from a waterfall that’s along the road.

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You can attach it to your backpack or even your belt. The Life Straw Mission, it is the biggest volume from the Life Straw products we tried.

They were lining up in front of the only shop of the village to buy large supplies of bottled water, to stock them until the next shop which was a very long distance.