Athest dating

07-Jan-2018 02:45

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Please do not be offended, this site is called Atheist Match for a reason, it is a dating site for atheists to connect with other atheists in the UK for Dating.

Seeing as we know the only source that defines the Christian God is inaccurate, and at least part of the definition is inaccurate (infallible), we can not trust the remainder of the definition.

Therefore the definition of God in invalid and God does not exist.

We don’t really have the traditional church where we can meet like minded people, so this atheist dating site provides a perfect vehicle to do this.

Personally as an atheist I would find the idea of dating a devout religious person (certainly anything more meaningful than a one night stand) to be as abhorrent as a Guardian reader dating a Daily Mail reader.

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That would have meant that humans lived on earth before God created either humans or the earth.

Noah also would have had to travel to different parts of the earth to collect the various animals.

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